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11 Best Bluetooth Speakers in 2023: Portable, Loud And Waterproof Speakers

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The solution is not that easy. There are a huge number of Bluetooth speakers available, and it might be difficult to distinguish between the good ones and the bad ones. Additionally, due to restricted availability in your neighborhood electronics store, it is very hard for purchasers to compare more than a small number of speakers at a time.

Fortunately, we have access to some of the top portable speakers and Bluetooth speakers for usage at home and on the go. To ensure you receive the most value for your money, we tested and assessed the majority of them before compiling this list of the finest ones.

List of the 11 Best Bluetooth Speakers in 2023

1. The best portable Bluetooth speaker is MINIRIG 3.0

 1. The best portable Bluetooth speaker is MINIRIG 3.0

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Key specifications:

  • Class-leading build quality is a feature.
  • loud and distortion-free to the max
  • fantastic bass
  • a Bluetooth speaker’s ability to connect with other speakers to form a surround sound system
  • There is a separate subwoofer for the incredibly loud bass.

If your budget permits it, I can’t suggest the new Minirigs 3.0 enough. This Bluetooth speaker is the greatest I’ve ever used, and I take it wherever I go.

Because it can produce more sound for its size than any other travel speaker, in my opinion, it is the industry standard. When doing so, it has the capacity to continue being distortion-free. Amazing bass response makes it ideal for techno and rap music.

The Minirig 3.0 provides outstanding sound when a single, sizable, extremely high-level diaphragm is used. In order to create a stereo effect, other manufacturers muck around with a number of subpar and smaller drivers, but it is obvious that this doesn’t work as well. It’s best to use minirigs with a single driver.

The amazing 100-hour battery life, the best in the test, and the 3.0’s industry-leading build quality and design are some of its other strong suits. The barrel-shaped charger was the only item we objected to; USB-C would have been much better. No other Bluetooth speaker on the market comes close to sounding as excellent, thus that can be overlooked.

In order to increase the volume of the Minirig 3 speakers, you can daisy-chain it with a subwoofer unit and more Minirig speakers. Oh, and they come in eight colors so you can match them to your personal taste.

Please see the complete 2019 review of the Minirig 3 speaker at the link provided above for more details.



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  • Speaker model: Harmon Kardon Onyx 4 Bluetooth
  • The Onyx 4 is a wireless speaker that may be used throughout your house and is semi-portable.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Dual connectivity
  • exceptional sound
  • Beautiful design
  • With smart assistant

A stunning house speaker from one of the top speaker manufacturers in the world with amazing sound to match. When placed on a kitchen or nightstand table, onyx looks very magnificent. It has all the style cues you would anticipate from one of the most fashionable speaker companies in the world, but it also performs exceptionally well.

It works with both Siri and Google Assistant, and you can wirelessly connect several speakers together to create a multi-room sound system. I repeatedly utilized this technique to play the same music in my living room, kitchen, and patio area, and it worked without a hitch.

In tests, the battery lasted for around 8 hours, although it can swiftly recharge to 80% in about an hour. However, since a speaker like the Minirig mentioned above is more suited for travel, the majority of individuals who purchase this speaker will love using it at home.



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  • Stylish Design
  • Waterproof
  • Suspended loop
  • able to function as a stereo speaker

One of the most well-known consumer Bluetooth speaker companies in the world is Ultimate Ears. They put a lot of effort into developing enjoyable and thoughtful items that go well with an active lifestyle.

Their most portable speaker to date, the Wonderboom 2, has numerous characteristics that make it a wonderful travel speaker.

First of all, the sound is fantastic. Despite being smaller, it gets very loud and has a decent bass response, albeit it is not as polished as the Minirigs 3.

I particularly appreciate the large volume control buttons on the outside, and it is constructed with a fantastic hard-wearing cloth surface so it won’t show scratches like a plastic speaker.

It has an IPX67 rating, making it waterproof, dust-resistant, and really floatable if you drop it in the water.

The top-mounted lanyard loop allows you to attach the speakers to things, and you can also connect two speakers to experience complete stereo.

In our test, the battery lasted 12 hours, which is respectable but not extraordinary. Thankfully, there is a fast-charge option to swiftly recharge when your battery runs low.

4. JBL CLIP 4 Speaker

 4. JBL CLIP 4 Speaker

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  • Clip 4 Speaker by JBL
  • In our evaluation, this Bluetooth speaker was the tiniest.
  • You can carry the JBL Clip 4 anyplace with you and get terrific sound.
  • FEATURES: Tiny in size
  • Waterproof
  • Integrated carabiner clip

The JBL Clip 4 is substantially lighter and smaller than the UE Roll 2, but having a very similar design. Although the sound won’t blow you away, it’s remarkable for its small and far louder than any of our devices.

We were pleasantly surprised by a few clever techniques from one of the smaller speakers on this list. We initially dismissed a built-in carrying clip as a novelty but found ourselves utilizing it frequently while traveling and camping. When I didn’t have my bag with me, I discovered that I would clip it to one of the molly straps on my backpack or a belt loop.

There is no need to worry if it is left outside because the speaker is waterproof and has an IP68 rating, which is an improvement over the IPX7 rating of earlier models. The speaker can even withstand being fully submerged for a brief amount of time.

If you don’t want to utilize the built-in carabiner, the body is so strong and light that it can be tucked away in a bag.

Although the sound is excellent for the size, the low end can begin to thin out a little. However, if you are coming from clip r, this is a major improvement because clip 4’s larger diaphragm driver is noticeably louder. The battery life wasn’t spectacular with only 10 hours of playback from a single charge, but that is an increase of 2 hours compared to the JBL Clip 3’s battery life, and now we have quick charge and a USB-C connection as enhancements.

It’s weird. Very cool. It is affordable.



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  • AWESOME design and construction features
  • robust audio with good bass

Poor battery life of only 6 hours We thoroughly praised the Soundlink Micro in our previous review. Despite costing a little more, Bose created a reliable tiny Bluetooth speaker that sounds better than the JBL Clip 3 above and the UE2 Roll that was previously on our list.

We thought the tough rubber surface would do a terrific job of protecting the Soundlink tiny and were major admirers of it. This is yet another waterproof speaker, and just like the others, it comes with a strap for hanging or carrying it.

The Bose Soundlink Micro’s battery life, which is barely 6 hours overall and is among the worst we’ve used at any price point, is obviously a huge letdown.

6. Cheap and loud JBL FLIP 5

 6. Cheap and loud JBL FLIP 5

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  • FEATURES: Sound quality
  • excellent value for the money
  • Battery life is almost intolerable.

One of the speakers on the list with the best value is the JBL Flip 5, which was quite difficult to fault for the price. However, it has appallingly short battery life, much like the Bose Soundlink. You are limited to 5 hours of music on a single battery.

That’s unfortunate because the speaker actually has a sound and design that are worthy of a much more expensive model.

Still a decent purchase if money is limited because it has good sound and can be turned up pretty high without distorting.



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  • Beautiful design
  • outstanding audio quality
  • really pricey
  • Waterproofing to IPX7

It is not surprising that Bang & Olufsen, a leading manufacturer of speakers, charges an exorbitant price for its portable travel speakers.

The Beoplay A1 is by far the most attractive speaker in our evaluation, so it does show in the design.

Because it can send music in all directions, the sound is astounding, and this device can be turned up loud without distorting.

The A1 is our second-best performer on our list when music is played at moderate volumes because the battery life easily exceeds 20 hours.

Waterproofing and dust resistance were two features that the original Beoplay A1 seriously lacked. The IPX7 rating, which now qualifies this new 2nd generation model as a real travel speaker that can be used anywhere, is the largest improvement.



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  • Lovely homes
  • integrated carry strap
  • booming and bassy
  • gorgeous homes

Because it is a vintage ghetto blaster modernized, the House of Marley Bag of Riddim 2 is fantastic. The speaker is one of the most attractive full-size versions on this list, and its light wood finish makes it look fantastic in any decor.

You can carry it with you to events, parks, and other places thanks to the carry bag with a shoulder strap that comes with it. Excellent, overwhelming sound that is full-bodied with deep bass.

Additionally splashproof, this speaker has a fantastic 2-year warranty.

9. The Beast from JBL Boombox 2.

 9. The Beast from JBL Boombox 2.

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  • A substantial portable sound system
  • Outstanding audio for a wireless speaker.
  • Waterproof
  • Super bass

Boombox 2 is the way to go if you really want a portable speaker that produces a powerful sound. The JBL is a massive beast of a speaker that draws inspiration from the boombox design of the 1980s. However, its size also results in incredibly loud sound.

The speaker is a full size and has an incredible 24-hour battery life. It is waterproof, just like the other speakers on this list, so don’t be concerned if it is left outside after the party is over.

It has a few tricks up its sleeve in addition to being a beast of a speaker with the strongest bass in our test. The JBL Boombox 2 can be connected to other speakers via hot-linking to form a surround sound system, and it can be used as an external power source for your phone.

10. Speaker JBL Xtreme 2

 10. Speaker JBL Xtreme 2

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  • Loud, high-quality sound
  • loops for hanging a carry strap
  • controls mounted on top
  • Waterproof

The JBL Extreme 2 is a portable speaker with unmatched bass. It can get unbearably loud while still being incredibly clear. It can easily fill a party or campsite with your music because it is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if you leave it outside.

This speaker features a 15-hour battery life and an integrated carry strap.



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  • Some of the top audio for less than $100
  • Outdoor IPX5 certified
  • Exceptional battery life

The Anker Soundcore Flare 2 is a highly regarded travel speaker because there isn’t much that it can go wrong with.

Its cost is reasonable and makes many of the well-known speaker manufacturers appear really silly.

You receive long-lasting batteries and IPX5 waterproof certification, which keeps out dust and water. Even flashing lights are available that sync to your music.

The bass really has some depth, in contrast to the frequently tinny rattling at this price, and the sound is powerful and clear.


What size of wireless speaker is ideal?

We’ll cover three different kinds of Bluetooth speakers on this list.

Small Bluetooth speakers, which we consider to be extremely portable, will come first. These are the ones you would want to bring on vacation or while traveling. They are tough, portable, and light.

Next, we’ll talk about some mid-sized speakers that can be packed into a suitcase or backpack. These are regarded as transportable. I don’t mean to fill your backpack to the brim when I say “in a bag,” either. The purpose of these speakers is to serve as a travel accessory. These typically sacrifice some portability for a richer sound and longer battery life.

Thirdly, we’ll suggest full-size Bluetooth speakers made specifically for use in homes. These are often powered by a socket, but they also contain a battery so you can move them from room to room. They often offer the highest sound quality and the most features.

You should first think about how and where you will utilize Bluetooth speakers before making your selection. For instance, if you anticipate traveling frequently, do you really want to transport something large, cumbersome, and heavy? On the other hand, if you were able to pack a larger speaker, would it be worthwhile to have better sound quality when you arrived at your destination?

There are several excellent options below for every budget, whether you want to buy a wireless speaker to use around the house or whether you are traveling, camping, or hiking.


Making this list was challenging because there will be so many excellent choices in 2023. When making a purchase, we frequently consider a wide range of things in addition to just the sound. You should probably be aware of what we think is significant in order to assist you in choosing the ideal wireless speaker for your requirements.

I’ve heard a lot of speakers over the years, and I know exactly what qualities I look for in the greatest ones. However, there are certain important factors to take into account before making a purchase. Of course, what may be best for you may be completely different.

Sound quality: Take into account your music-listening habits (loud, bassy, etc.)

Build Quality – Do you treat your equipment harshly?

Large, Medium, or Small in size. What is suitable for you?

How long will you listen? Battery life The battery’s durability What is the charging speed?

Additional features include remote controls, connectors for external DACs, SD card inputs, and use as a portable power bank. You might find these extra features to be significant and practical.

What Bluetooth speaker has the finest sound quality?

The question we get asked on this subject the most is by far:


The answer to this question will depend on the speaker’s size and price, but if you hunt hard enough and do your research, you can find some extremely good-sounding inexpensive speakers. The Minirigs 3.0, in my opinion, has the best sounding speaker for its size. It is my personal favorite Bluetooth speaker because of how well the aforementioned components are balanced in it.

We suggest the iLoud speaker by IK Multimedia for use at home. Despite not having the most attractive design, the speaker outperformed many well-known names in the industry, including Bose and Creative, in our tests.


Construction quality is crucial. especially if you want to take your speaker with you on a trip. A speaker who travels will undoubtedly have a rougher life than one who never leaves their house.

These speakers may unavoidably sustain some damage over time, so you want something that will stand up well. As a result, we’re searching for premium building components and a sturdy chassis. However, features like waterproofing, solid control buttons, and scratch-resistant surfaces shouldn’t be disregarded.

Build still matters in the case of wireless home speakers. The aesthetics, however, are significantly more crucial; the majority of people would prefer a speaker that blends in well with their interior design.

A Question of Portability: SIZE

I briefly mentioned it above, but size is significant in more ways than just how you plan to transport the speaker. In many of the other characteristics we listed, size is important.

Smaller speakers often have a smaller driver and, as a result, typically have lower sound quality.

In light, portable speakers, extra functions will also suffer because there is less room in a smaller chassis to hold more functionality.

Finally, battery life is typically greatly influenced by size. Again, basic sense dictates that a smaller housing will allow for a smaller battery, which will result in a shorter runtime for the speaker between charges.


Since the majority of you will likely use the speaker via Bluetooth, battery life should be a major consideration in your purchasing decision. Therefore, I set an absolute minimum of 8 hours of playback from a single charge for portable and transportable models and a minimum of 6 hours for wireless home speakers when compiling our list of the finest portable speakers.

In my opinion, these are the very minimum figures, and I would set the bar for acceptable battery life at 10+ hours. Be mindful that adding better-quality components will reduce battery life. When comparing Bluetooth speakers, it can be the largest trade.

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