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11 Best On-ear Headphones in 2023

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Simply because so many other sites group on-ear headphones in with a broader headphone classification, we felt compelled to create a separate list of the best on-ear headphones for 2023. Ears on their own have their own fanbase and set of advantages, hence we think they should have their own top 10 list.

Since many listeners choose On-Ear models, we’ll explain why they’re great—and why they’re not perfect—before recommending our top picks. There should be something for everyone in the range of styles and prices we cover.

List of the 10 Best On-ear Headphones in 2023

1. The JABRA ELITE 45H is an exceptionally good buy for the price

 1. The JABRA ELITE 45H is an exceptionally good buy for the price

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First up on the list is the most anticipated on-ear headphones of 2023. Jabra’s wireless headphones are often regarded as the best in their price range, and the company offers an extensive selection of models to suit a wide variety of needs. The 45H is a great example of an on-ear headphone because it has a sleek design and a generous set of extras.

They have Bluetooth and a 50-hour battery life on a single charge. The 45H’s call quality is excellent, as one might expect from a firm that began life making telephones. The metal and high-quality headband are the show-stoppers, and they give one great trust in the headphones’ long-term durability.

The audio is enveloping, specific, and clear. The tight, snappy pace of the bass, combined with the deep, powerful hit of the dynamic driver, is dead on. This is the optimal design for hybrid headphones.



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The H8 is a compact version of B&O’s high-end audio equipment, which are known for their high-quality sound.

The headphones have excellent build quality, and their low-profile earcups make them look great when worn. They come in black, pink, and cream and have ample memory foam padding in the earpads, making them exceptionally comfortable on-ear headphones.

The sound is warm and balanced, making it ideal for rock and acoustic music. On the other hand, electronic dance music benefits from these headphones as well, since the slightly boosted bass provides punch and textured notes without distortion.

3. the BEATS SOLO 3 are the top-tier Beats headphones.

 3. the BEATS SOLO 3 are the top-tier Beats headphones.

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For a long time, beats were looked down upon. Even while they used to be known more for their fashionable headphones than their audio quality, over the past several years they’ve made some excellent wireless options. In terms of their present offerings, this is my clear favorite. They have the Beats Solo Pro headphones.

It’s well-built and rather sturdy, so it can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use on trips and in the workplace. It’s built with an Apple W1 processor, so it syncs up quickly and easily with your other Apple gadgets. Also, you can customize your look by choosing from a wide range of colors.

The sound is excellent, with deep, resonant bass and a clean, inviting presentation. This is a nice tuning that sounds much better than traditional rhythms. They can play for about 30 hours on a single charge, and you can snag a sweet discount on them right now at the above link.



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Among the best on-ear headphones you can get for under $100, in my opinion. The second pair of headphones by Jabra to make the cut are also particularly noteworthy due to their low price and high quality. build a pair of premium headphones, please.

In spite of its apparent simplicity, the design has a certain refined elegance. I have faith in the materials chosen standing the test of time. Although they are not top-tier cans, they provide surprisingly good value for the price. The midrange is given special attention, and the sound is detailed and rich. When it needs to be, the bass is strong, and the highs never sibilate.

What else can we possibly discuss? I have a pair of these headphones and they are fantastic for working out.

5. KOSS PORTA PRO On-Ear Headphones

 5. KOSS PORTA PRO On-Ear Headphones

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The Porta Pro by Koss, because to its compact design and high-quality sound, is the ideal inexpensive headphones for on-the-go listening.

The headphones of Koss, known as the Porta Pro, are renowned. Are there any other kind of headphones that have lasted for almost 25 years without being replaced?

In 2023, the Koss Porta pro is still one of the greatest on-ear headphones available. The small size and classic design are great, but the low cost is what really sold me.

Their crystal-clear sound and relatively open soundstage with tons of detail make them a pleasure to listen to, and many thrifty audiophiles provide online DIY modding guidelines so you may modify and tune them to your preference.

A lot of people say the Porta Pro is the best on-ear headphones for the money if you’re just starting out.

6. In-ear headphones from BEYERDYNAMIC, model T51I.

 6. In-ear headphones from BEYERDYNAMIC, model T51I.

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When it comes to headphones, the Beyerdynamic T51i is held in exceptionally high respect among audiophiles.

The on-ear headphones have a balanced, clean sound and are otherwise difficult to criticize.

They’re surprisingly roomy and lightweight for their size, and they’re built like a tank to withstand frequent use in the demanding environment of professional music monitoring.

These are more than just a studio monitor; they also serve as a refined substitute for the more ostentatious styles of fashionable headphones now on the market.

7. On-Ear DJ Headphones: SENNHEISER HD-25

 7. On-Ear DJ Headphones: SENNHEISER HD-25

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When discussing the T50p, it’s almost impossible not to compare it to Sennheiser’s iconic HD-25.

In my opinion, this is one of the best headphones ever made, thus I recommend going with the original model if you can.

Over the past two decades, virtually every major DJ has utilized it, attesting to its incredible clarity and crispness.

The tuning is just right, allowing the high notes to stand out while keeping the low notes focused and tight.

Be comforted in the knowledge that practically every component of this headset is replaceable in the unlikely event of a malfunction.

8. GRADO SR80X Headphone On-Ear

 8. GRADO SR80X Headphone On-Ear

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The Grado SR80 has changed little from its original design from the side.

The Grado SR80x is a fantastic headset, and we really like its timeless design.

The Grado SR80x is another timeless device. Its basic layout hasn’t changed significantly in the last few decades despite a few minor updates.

If neutral sound with a high degree of detail is what you’re looking, then these headphones are a fantastic choice.

However, the sound quality is the primary selling point, so keep that in mind if you’re considering a purchase.

They’re open-back headphones, thus like the Koss Porta Pro, you should use them in silence.

9. Grado’s entry-level headphones, the SR60X

 9. Grado's entry-level headphones, the SR60X

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The SR60x is Grado’s entry-level, open-back model, and it offers excellent sound quality for a very reasonable price.

The SR60 is a stylish headphone model since it follows the same classic design language as other Grado products. To get acclimated to the soft foam pads’ pure foam construction may take some time.

The sound is centered in the midrange and lacks substantial bass. This headphone has a really unadulterated sound that transports me to a time when life was less complicated and more about the music. A fantastic can of headphones that might help people with a more modest budget enter the world of audiophile headphones.

10. Headphones On-Ear BOWER & WILKINS P5

 10. Headphones On-Ear BOWER & WILKINS P5

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Bower & Wilkins isn’t willing to sit on the sidelines while Bang & Olufsen steals the spotlight, so the company has stepped up its game and developed a full range of high-quality headphones to compete.

These are my go-to headphones whenever I’m on the run since they look and feel so refined on my head in addition to having great sound and solid construction. Although expensive, these headphones more than live up to their reputation as high-end options.

11. The Master & Dynamic MW50 Dual-Use Headset

 11. The Master & Dynamic MW50 Dual-Use Headset

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After listening to the Master &Dynamic MW50+ headphones for an extended period of time, we are really impressed with them. The 50 are adaptable headphones that can be worn on or over the ears with the help of the accompanying earpads.

This greatly increases their adaptability. Despite their high price, we believe the MW50 to be one of the best-built and best-looking pairs of headphones now available.

In-ear Headphones Or Over-ear Headphones?

So, let’s jump right into a brief definition of on-ear headphones. These headphones, as you may have guessed, do not cover the entire ear, but rather rest on top of it. The latter are the most common type of headphones, and you may hear them referred to in a variety of ways besides the one given above.

Adding further complexity is the fact that on-ear headphones come in more than one flavor. Either a single pad (often perforated) or a pad shaped like a circle (as on full-size headphones) are available.

Of course, the choice of which type of on-ear headphones to choose will ultimately come down to individual preference, and both types provide superb possibilities. However, the straight pad variants are slightly more comfortable because of the more even distribution of contact points over the ears, and the rounded pad versions are slightly more breathable and airy sounding.

As opposed to earbuds, why do on-ear headphones fare better?

We’ll be talking about a few special benefits of on-ear headphones. On-ear headphones are a great option if you frequently find yourself in transit or simply want a more compact form factor.

On-ear headphones are often much more compact than over-ear headphones since less room is needed for the earcups. This makes them ideal for trips and other situations when you won’t want to lug around a heavy set of containers.

The on-ear variety of headphones is typically lighter than the over-ear variety, though this is not always the case (the choice of materials has a large role). That’s because ear cups no longer need to be as bulky, and smaller headphones can get by just fine with smaller drivers.

Tuning – The sound of some on-ear headphones is tuned in a way that would be lost in a larger earcup. On-ear headphones are common because they provide the best acoustic isolation.

As a result of its compact design, headphones are ideal for use during sports because they don’t get in the way as much as larger models.

Problems With In-ear Headphones

The use of on-ear headphones is not without its drawbacks. They offer their own set of benefits that set them apart from larger versions, but you should also be aware of the drawbacks.

Due to the lack of ventilation under each cushion and the proximity of the contact point (the outer ear), ears may perspire. Usually, this is fixed by removing them for a few minutes, but it’s something to think about before making a purchase.

As before, the fact that your ear isn’t sitting freely means that you’ll have to bear the full clamping force of the headphones on your ear. According to our observations, this is merely a temporary problem that disappears within a few days as your body gets used to the change.

Traditionally, on-ear headphones have been an afterthought in the headphone product ranges of many firms. Although larger headphones were formerly the main focus, on-ear headphones have been receiving a lot of attention from manufacturers in recent years.

Things To Take Into Account When Choosing Headphones

If you’re looking for headphones, on-ear or over-ear isn’t the only thing to think about. Some people make the mistake of trying to get the very best headphones possible, whether in terms of aesthetics, sound quality, or price. Each of these is a possible fallacy.

When advising someone on a headphone purchase, I always stress the importance of considering one’s intended use before considering any other factors. The highest-quality headphones are of no use if they are uncomfortable to use. If the sound quality of your headphones is poor, it doesn’t matter how good they appear. Is it sinking in?

Now then, what features are essential for a high-quality pair of headphones?


It seems crucial to me at this time. That’s why I’m on the lookout for a tune I can enjoy. Due to their varied acoustic signatures, not all headphones are equally well-suited to all musical styles. Consequently, when shopping for headphones, consider the types of music you want to listen to.


The headphones’ construction is an important consideration. You shouldn’t invest heavily in something only to have it stop working a year later. Thankfully, manufacturers these days are paying greater attention to the quality of their headphones’ build, and as a result, they are providing more extensive guarantees.


Because of the length of time they will be on your feet, you should not settle for a pair that is uncomfortable or that rubs. Why do it with your headphones if you wouldn’t do it with your clothes? You should ideally try them on before to buying them, but if that is not possible, seek out a store with an easy (and ideally free) return policy.


Many music lovers don’t give a hoot about how their headphones look when they listen to music. It serves a practical purpose. They are resilient because they are committed to 100% faithfulness. While I agree that headphones’ aesthetic value is largely irrelevant in a domestic setting, I anticipate widespread mobile use of these devices. I, like many others, place a premium on first impressions, therefore when shopping for a pair of portable headphones, I prioritize a sleek, minimalist design.


You should also be aware of the differences between open-back and closed-back headphones. The term “closed-back” refers to headphones where the driver is contained within the housing, as opposed to “open-back” headphones where the driver is highly vented and exposed to the environment.

Open-back headphones aren’t as well suited because of ambient noise ingress from those vents, and I just noted that most people who use ear headphones do it when they’re away from home. However, for the sake of variety and because they deliver excellent sound quality, I have included a couple of open-back models. Open-back headphones (those with an exposed driver) are ideal for quiet listening conditions such as when you’re at home alone, while closed-back headphones are preferable in busier public places.

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