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8 Best True Wireless Earbuds In 2023

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Picking the best true wireless earbuds is difficult, therefore we have compiled a list of our favorite models currently available on the market.

Many of these genuinely wireless, cable-free headphones have been brought to us, and we have soon realized that many of them do not live up to their advertising. There are some dreadful products and some fantastic ones on the market. Choosing the appropriate ones can be perplexing, but let’s attempt to clarify the situation.

I shall be honest in my assessment of the current status of the market for wireless earbuds. In this buyer’s guide, I will only recommend products that I believe are worthy of purchase and provide excellent value for the buyer’s money.

Most tech sites publish these articles to gain advertising income, and they also feature earbuds they have never tested. They are merely attempting to locate an earphone that fits a specific price point and generates income for their website. I won’t do that because I don’t want you to be ripped off at the end of the day and I want you to be pleased with your purchases.

There is little use in being an early adopter if the earbuds do not sound as nice, feel as good, or last as long as a similarly priced pair of Bluetooth headphones with a cable or neckband.

There are currently very few truly wireless earbuds on the market, but I have had the pleasure of testing some incredible ones over the past few months, and I am beginning to warm up to the idea of a life without cables. Having no connections is certainly a liberating feeling, therefore let’s move on to the list of the ten finest true wireless headphones to purchase in 2020.

List of the 8 Best True Wireless Earbuds In 2023

1. SONY WF-1000XM4

 1. SONY WF-1000XM4

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  • Comfort – Average
  • Sound Quality – Outstanding
  • Battery Duration – 6 Hours (ANC enabled) 8 hours (ANC off) – Fast charging 10 minutes for a 90-minute playback

I already despised the original Sony WF-1000X. A pair of earphones that had many wonderful ideas but failed to execute them. The fit was awkward, the sound quality was poor, and the battery life was poor. A few years later, we get the gen 4 version, which, for lack of a better description, is magnificent.

Sony has positioned itself aggressively across the luxury technology industry with televisions, cameras, and headphones. During the first decade and a half of this century, they appeared to have lost their path. However, when it comes to audio, they are among the best.

The WF-1000XM4 should be evaluated by anyone looking for the best true wireless earbuds because they not only contain a large number of functions, but most of those features are also class-leading.

Even though the noise-canceling is not on par with their own full-size headphones, these are the greatest in-ear headphones I’ve ever heard. In addition, these headphones feature touch controls, passive modes, bass modes, and 24-bit high-resolution audio.

The main drawback is the price, which makes them one of the most costly versions on the market. However, if you want a pair of TWS earbuds without sacrificing quality, you should check them out.



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  • Comfort – Excellent
  • Sound Quality – Excellent
  • Battery Life – Four hours (tested), one-hour quick-charge from five minutes in case.
  • Additional Features – Noise-cancelling technology, touch controls, and embedded sensors.

Apple went all out with the latest edition of its wildly popular Airpods. The original airpods were iconic, but they had numerous flaws. This is no longer the case, and if you own an iPhone, these are the greatest earphones now available.

The design of the pro model is the most significant change, since the airpods now have an in-ear shell intended for use with eartips. These are a significant improvement over the original headphones because they are more comfortable and stay in the ear much better.

Not only have the Airpods pro received a cosmetic boost, but they are also loaded with cutting-edge technology that puts them on par with many other flagship earbuds from well-known brands.

You now have integrated touch controls for playing, pausing, and skipping tunes, as well as contacting Siri and activating noise cancellation. Unfortunately, there is no volume control on the earphones, thus you will need to use your phone or computer to adjust the level.

Yes, I did say noise-canceling; the Apple Airpods Pro are among the first ANC headphones to provide significant ambient sound reduction. Apple went so far as to provide pressure equalization on the earbuds to eliminate the hollow, sucked-out sensation associated with this technology’s less expensive interactions.

The sound is the best that Apple has to offer, the bass is tight and powerful, and the overall tuning is pleasantly smooth and resolves good detail. This is Apple’s greatest earphone to date, and one that works with minimal hassle.



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  • Adjustable ANC enabling 11 unique modes
  • Sound Quality – Outstanding
  • Battery life – 5.5 hours and 1 hour playing from a 15-minute charge when the battery is dead
  • Wireless charging through Qi

In recent years, the Jabra Elite earbuds have been a popular alternative to Bose and Sony, and with each new model, they seem to provide the sort of enhancements that consumers desire.

Jabra’s current flagship TWS is the Jabra 85T earphone, which is packed with cutting-edge technology and has a sterling reputation.

The 85t is based on the highly successful Jabra 65t, and the enhancements take it to the next level. This variant is 20 percent smaller overall, and the uncomfortable protrusion of the 65t antenna has been ergonomically improved by being rounded into the 85t housing.

The sound quality is superior to that of the Airpods pro. It is crisp and clean, with excellent detail and a relatively expansive soundstage. Voices during phone calls do not come out as excessively boomy since the bass hits forcefully when necessary but only when necessary.

The four microphones reduce ambient noise and increase clarity, making this the best-sounding and clearest-sounding headset we’ve tested for calls.

The Jabra does not include noise cancellation, but its exceptional performance and relatively low price make it a terrific investment, especially if you make a lot of phone conversations with your earbuds.



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  • Comfort – All-day comfort and a snug fit
  • Sound Quality – Exceptionally deep and powerful bass
  • Battery Life – Six to eight hours
  • Recommendation – Buy if you are on a tight budget

Sabbat is, for those who may not be aware, one of the most well praised affordable true wireless earphones on the market in 2023. The company has had remarkable success over the past few years in creating audio devices that punch considerably beyond their weight.

The latest earphone from Sabbat, the E12 Ultra, improves on the company’s early ideas and is simply unsurpassed for the price.

The earphones sound great, easily competitive with wireless earbuds costing three times as much, and you sacrifice very little in other areas. You may read our complete review to find out why we rate them so highly, but for the sake of brevity, below is a summary of the most important features.

Resin shells and metal nozzles contribute to the excellent construction quality. They offer Bluetooth 5.0 and a turbo option to reduce latency when playing games or viewing movies. Each earphone features an integrated touch control pad for skipping, playing, pausing, etc. The sound is great, and the drivers are of superior quality.



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  • Comfort – Excellent ergonomic design
  • Quality of Sound – Above Average
  • Their exceptional noise isolation makes them ideal for commuting.

Although we would recommend the Bose Quietcomfort earbuds, I do not enjoy them as much as the Sony earbuds.

The sound was excellent, and the bass response was surprisingly good, but the detail was lacking. It is one of the few earbuds in our test that demonstrated clarity in the high frequencies.

The company’s Truegrip ear tips, which maintain a secure fit in the ear canal, contribute to the headphones’ exceptional comfort. We did suffer intermittent troubles with the left earpiece, and online research indicates that others have had similar (albeit less frequent) issues.

They have been on the market for a while, and while I believe the Bose to be a very fine pair of earbuds, they lack some capabilities found on other versions. They are not a poor purchase by any means, but I believe there are better alternatives available at this time.



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  • Convenience – Extremely convenient
  • Sound quality – Excellent (Basshead focussed)
  • Battery life – 7 hours with 100 percent charging in 1.5 hours
  • Low cost but outstanding performance

These are, in my opinion, the best affordable TWS earphones available. I believe I know a thing or two about finding a decent fit, having tested perhaps 100 genuine wireless versions in the past few years. The Asimom is among the best fitting, most secure, and most comfortable truly wireless headphones I’ve ever used.

No matter what I do, they simply will not come loose. A large portion of this is attributable to the ergonomically built, one-of-a-kind body that seems to disappear in the ear. The seal maintains their secure placement in the outer ear.

The battery life is excellent at seven hours, and the carrying bag can hold three charges and is remarkably compact. The extremely bass-heavy sound makes these headphones ideal for the gym, a run, or a workout, but less so if you prefer a more transparent listening experience.

Overall, these are my favorite TWS at the moment, and they are very inexpensive.



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  • Comfort – Excellent
  • Sound Quality
  • Excellent
  • Battery Life is acceptable but not exceptional

Did you expect us to list numerous earphones like other websites? No, we also wish to warn you about the undesirable ones. The latest generation of Sennheiser Momentum wireless 2 is not worth recommending when there are so many headphones on the market with superior features.

The Sennheiser does many things well. They are extremely comfortable earphones that I was able to wear for hours without experiencing any pain. The sound quality is likewise superb. Nonetheless, there were some concerns that I cannot accept in good faith.

Initially, actual battery life test results were closer to 5 hours than the recommended 7. When it came to our movie tests, they had to be one of the headphones with the most noticeable delay. I discovered that the latency was so bad that watching a movie was really annoying, and gaming was nearly impossible.

Sennheiser’s suggested retail price for the headphones is approximately $300. They are simply not worth the price when compared to Sony, Apple, and Jabra headphones on this list.



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  • Affordable
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Comfortable Design

I must admit that the Creative Outlier genuine wireless earbuds blew me away. I entered the next review skeptical of what to expect, but I have been more than pleasantly delighted because, for the price, these small items simply cannot be beaten.

The quality is comparable to the best we’ve tried, with beautiful smooth mids and strong lows that remain distortion-free even when the music is played at extremely high volumes. We were able to go up to 16 feet without losing our wireless connection, making this the greatest connection we’ve tested.

The battery life is exceptional, with headphones lasting up to 10 hours on a single charge and 20 hours when combined with the carrying case. A superb headphone that merits serious attention.

Genuine WIRELESS EARBUD Technology Has Progressed!

Okay, there are some quality products on the market, but the vast majority are rebranded OEM garbage. These are a complete financial waste and should be avoided. Unfortunately, it is difficult to discern which is which; this is the primary issue.

Since Apple debuted the Airpods, several businesses have entered the market with subpar goods in an attempt to gain market share. There are a variety of problems with these earbuds, including inadequate connectivity, a limited battery life, and occasionally their sheer bulk.

In this list, we intend to recommend functional wireless earbuds. However, unlike other websites that review headphones and earbuds, we have tested each of the earbuds listed below. Based on our criteria for sound quality, features, functionality, and cost, we will recommend the headphones you should purchase.


Due to the product’s brand name and Amazon ranking, many naive consumers believe that it must be of high quality, despite the fact that it is not.

Audiophile On will always take the side of our readers, even if it puts us in a negative light with brands. This website is intended for readers, not earphone and headphone manufacturers. If a company desires a positive rating, all we ask is that they produce quality earphones…. It’s that easy.

Now we will discuss why many truly wireless earphones are not worth purchasing. It all boils down to the details. Companies are encountering challenges as they attempt to put a large amount of technology into a small location. We are still at the beginning phases of this type of product lifecycle. As a result of mobile manufacturers removing the 3.5mm headphone jack from flagship devices, an increasing number of individuals are abandoning wired earphones. After an initial onslaught of low-quality goods, I believe the market is currently very robust, and there are several excellent wireless earphones available for purchase in 2023.

Considerations while purchasing true wireless earbuds!

When purchasing this type of earphone, there are a few aspects that jump out to me. Obviously, none of the earbuds I’ve tested to date are flawless, but if you can find a reasonable balance in these areas, you should have an outstanding listening experience.


First, you want something that fits properly.

Many truly wireless earbuds are oversized and barely fit within the ear canal. Apple nailed it with the Airpods by suspending the battery and receivers from the strange-looking rod that hangs from your ears. Other businesses, for whatever reason, choose to develop outward, resulting in wide profiles and poor balance.

Overly massive earbuds may be difficult to fit, particularly if you have small ears, and the weight distribution at the back end will make it difficult to keep them in place if you are doing anything other than sitting motionless.

I recommend that you search for headphones with an ergonomic design that will fit securely in your ears, create a good seal, and not fall out when you move. The Master & Dynamic MW07 is one of the most poorly designed and poorly fitting earphones on the market. The Kinera YH623 earphones, on the other hand, are an excellent option if you desire an exceptional fit.


I have tried around sixty pairs of wireless earphones over the past two years, and fifty percent of them have sounded absolutely stunning. It is terrible by audiophile standards, and no one could possibly notice how awful the sound is. Weak and tinny bass is the norm and is frequently coupled with a drawn-out, tinny overall tone.

The second flaw I observe is a lack of loudness. Some of these earphones are insufficiently loud to make music pleasurable. It may be pretty aggravating to have your volume regulated; I want earphones that can go a little louder than my regular listening levels, but I don’t want to run my earbuds at 100 percent owing to the evident battery waste.

This year, sound has been taken quite seriously. The drivers’ standards for producing sound have vastly improved, as has their concentration on tuning.


Lastly, you may experience pairing difficulties. Yes, a few firms have sent me headphones with one earbud slightly lagging behind the other during playback. For the record, they become irrational when we decline to review their product or endorse it to our viewers.

Our answer thus far has been quite ordinary. If you want a positive evaluation of your headphones, produce quality headphones. Do not perform the bare minimum and anticipate a positive response.

It has been a revelation to see how much the best true wireless earphone manufacturers have improved their products. Bluetooth 5.0 is quickly becoming the norm for this technology, and many manufacturers have begun to offer a mode with reduced latency. If you watch numerous videos, low latency is essential. In this instance, latency refers to the delay between what you see on the screen and what you hear. When watching a movie, utilizing YouTube, or playing a video game, your earbuds should be synchronized and in sync with low latency enabled.


The battery life of wireless headphones has long been a concern. You have a simple product that accomplishes a great deal while remaining small and lightweight enough to put in your ears.

The earbuds have a runtime of 6 to 8 hours, with additional portable playback provided by the inbuilt charging cases. This works fine in the majority of scenarios, but you may run out of power on a lengthy flight or camping trip, etc.


True wireless earphones are a promising concept that still requires development. I believe that far too many of these earphone designs have been released to make a deadline rather than to enhance the user experience. If I were to purchase headphones, I would choose Apple Airpods, Huawei Freebuds, or Jabra Elite.

Consequently, if I had to choose, I would select it. In truth, I wouldn’t use any of these, as Bluetooth and wireless earphones with neckbands outperform them greatly dollar for dollar. Certainly, I will continue reviewing and investigating this area in the future, but at present, they do not improve my user experience enough to justify the cost.

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