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Dunu Titan S Earbuds: Our Expert Review

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The original Dunu Titan earbuds were never the most well-liked model offered by the brand when they were first introduced many years ago. Although the design wasn’t particularly impressive, the tune was excellent. There were, however, a lot of opportunities. Many budget audiophiles would be interested in a pair of sub-$100, well-built earphones with neutral tuning. Dunu has so chosen to revive the line in 2023 with a new model, the Dunu Titan S. We tested the earphones over the course of the last two weeks while we prepared this review, using a variety of source materials and musical genres, and to be completely honest, they are very difficult to criticize.



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Similar to the majority of Dunu items, you can buy this one from a variety of online retailers. In-person purchase may also be possible throughout specialized headphone shops in Asia. As always, we advise purchasing from Amazon whenever feasible because of their accommodating return policy. For those who prefer not to use Amazon, we also suggest purchasing the Dunu Titan S from Linsoul because of their stellar reputation and ability to ship internationally.


The Titan S’s advantages are not due to a single cutting-edge technological advancement. It also addresses the issue of how to improve the essential areas of a good inexpensive IEM. What makes them so fascinating is the culmination of the parts and the execution.

Expect the following goods in the box:

  • One Dunu Titan S
  • 1x 3.5mm jack earphone cable
  • One carry case
  • Several Eartips

An 11mm LCP diaphragm that was uniquely created powers the earphones (Liquid Crystal Polymer). Since they have a 32 Ohm resistance, most sources can easily drive them.


The housing of the Dunu Titan S is supposed to have a steampunk, futuristic look. They have a nice aesthetic and resemble devices like the Campfire Audio Dorado 2020 in terms of design and angularity.

The housing is expertly constructed. The entire device is made of metal, including the grills that keep the earphones from being soiled within the main body, the nozzle, and even the nozzle. The quality is there, and I didn’t see any flaws in the finishing that I’ve come to expect on other earbuds in this price range, so I have no worries about how well the earphones will keep up over time.

In addition to being of high quality, the cable has a twist strand construction rather than a braided one. It is able to maintain a low level of microphonics, and the metal splitter finishing was good. The Titan S lacks the replaceable jack that Dunu popularized with the Hulk cable, which is where it falls short of higher-end Dunu earbuds. It’s a simple 3.5mm connector, and I do prefer utilizing a balanced source whenever feasible, but due to the ease of driveability on these earphones, it works just fine.

One thing to keep in mind is that the cable is in some way proprietary if you want to purchase them. Any typical 2-pin audio cable should function just fine, but you won’t have the custom-made hoods that flawlessly blend into the aesthetic design.

Isolation and comfort

I believe it’s crucial to think about comfort if purchasing a new pair of IEMs. Due to its diminutive size and ergonomic design, the Dunu Titan S fits comfortably between the outer ear’s tragus and anti-tragus. Despite having a metal body, the over the ear design means that the earphones are supported.

Even while some people with little ears may also find them comfortable, I would still consider them as earbuds for persons with medium to big ears. Consider reading our post on the best earbuds for persons with small ears before buying if you have trouble finding a suitable fit.

They are decent at isolating you from your surroundings because to their medium depth implantation and solid metal body. They are suitable for usage in noisy areas and do not leak sound, although not being as good as ANC earbuds.


The original plan for how the Titan line will be tweaked has been maintained. At first sight, I assumed they would be consumer-tuned and adjusted for a bass-forward performance. However, I was pleased to hear a much more precise tuning on the first few tracks during the Dunu Titan S review listening tests. With a neutral presentation and balanced tuning, it is comparable to the well-known Moondrop Aria. This is a wonderful pair of headphones for those who want to enter the world of audiophiles and learn that sound is more than just bass.

With some genres, the highs have a subtle hotness to them. On jazz records, high hats in particular, have a brightness that is on the edge but not overdone. The soundstage, which on this IEM is typically average but opens out while listening to tunes with treble, is nevertheless quite clear and retains its brightness. It is not pushed over the rest of the sound spectrum and has plenty of detail up there.

We refer to the midrange as being crisp and clear. I am astonished at the amount of detail retrieved in the mids for a dynamic driver, especially at this price. Everything is audible, and the image and resolution are good. There is no warmth to it; rather, I would say that they are neutral and bordering on analytical.

While female vocals and stringed instruments in their upper octaves sounded wonderful with tons of definition, male vocals could use a little more weight. Additionally, the intermediate imagery had fantastic quality.

The most remarkable feature of the entire earphone is the bass. You’ve probably heard me mention the value of mid-bass performance a lot, and for the money, this earphone is among the finest. It managed to strike a balance between speed and punch while also displaying nuance and texture. I believe that many people who want a higher quality sound are deceiving themselves because the sub-bass is frequently the focus of IEMs. The outcomes are a new level of listening when sub-bass response and mid-bass are balanced well.

The Titan S, being a fairly neutral earphone, naturally lacks booming sub-bass, yet they can dip low enough to blend in with EDM and hip hop when necessary. When listening at high volumes, the low end is completely undistorted, and they move quickly enough to avoid getting lost in intricate tracks.

They are a wonderfully adaptable pair of earphones that will sound great with practically any genre, and the overall quality is much above average for the sub-$100 market. With this earphone, Dunu has done a fantastic job of bringing a very sophisticated listening experience to a price range that often targets consumers more so than audiophiles.


The Dunu Titan S is not good at just one thing, as I stated at the beginning of this article. They are very well-polished in many areas, which makes them a great purchase at their current pricing. This is what makes it so good. Your earphone is well-made, attractive, comes with some great extras, and has been expertly calibrated.

For its budget, the audio performance is better than average, as is almost every other aspect we evaluate. The Titan headphone series has been revitalized by Dunu, and these will be added right away to our list of the finest earbuds under $100.

Anyone who considers themselves a budget audiophile and enjoys a wide range of musical genres should buy the Dunu Titan S, in my opinion. There are other options if you primarily listen to bass-heavy music, but for those searching for one headphone that sounds well with everything, this is a strong competitor.

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