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Minirig 3 Bluetooth Speaker: Expert’s Review

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In this review of the Minirig 3 bluetooth speaker, we are going to simply explain the many reasons why purchasing this product is an absolute no-brainer. Even more costly speakers can’t come close to matching the sound quality of these, which is the absolute finest you can get in such a rock-solid package.

Minirig 3 Speaker with Bluetooth Connection

 1. Minirig 3 Speaker with Bluetooth Connection

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It is true that the original Minirig has been dethroned, but not by a different corporation or a new startup; rather, the throne has been taken by Minirigs themselves with the launching of this new third iteration. It is louder, it has more specifics, and it lasts for an even longer period of time. If you just want to skip the rest of this review, you can immediately know that I am recommending this speaker wholeheartedly. On the other hand, if you want to know why I am so enamored with this speaker, feel free to stay around and read the rest of this review.


The packaging for the Minirig 3 is extremely plain, consisting only of a cardboard tube made from recycled materials and adorned with graphics from the Minirig brand along with some basic product information. Although it isn’t particularly elegant, I appreciate that Minirig’s packaging has virtually done away with all unnecessary elements.

You can find all of the included accessories and other items at the top of the tube, and the Minirig 3 can be found inside its custom-fitted carrying case at the bottom of the tube.

There isn’t much in the way of additional accessories, which is to be expected with any portable speaker, but the Minirig lanyard, charging cord, sticker, and instruction booklet are all included in the package. There is, of course, the speaker device itself, in addition to the carry case that is contained within it.

The fact that the Minirig 3 still makes use of a proprietary port rather than an open standard like USB-C is the one and only thing I have to say negatively about it. When I travel, I always worry that I will lose the cable and be forced to search for a replacement, despite the fact that the connector that is included is strong and very durable, and it has withstood the test of time on all of my other models. However, when I am not traveling, I do not have this concern. If it were a USB-C port, I could buy a new one or even just use the cable that’s already connected to my computer or phone.

The carrying case is fantastic; not only does it protect the Minirig while it is in transportation, but it also provides a location to store the charging wire while it is not being used. When packed with the speaker, it takes up very little more room in a luggage because of how snugly it fits along with the speaker.


Because Minirig doesn’t change its design, you wouldn’t be wrong if you mistook the Minirig 3 for the first or second model. There is a good reason why Minirig doesn’t change their design. The speaker, in my view, is excellent in its current configuration and is constructed to a higher standard than any other option available on the market. Although the Bang & Olufsen Bluetooth speakers, in addition to a great number of other models, have a more aesthetically pleasing design, the chassis of the Minirig 3 is noticeably more durable and space-efficient.

The aesthetic is uncomplicated and designed to look like it was taken from a factory. It appeals to me, and there is a selection of different hues from which you may pick when you purchase it. It is very much the case that they are attempting to construct the most small and best-sounding speaker possible, and then attempting to produce a housing that is extraordinarily sturdy while adding as little bulk as possible to the design.

The Minirig 3 gives the impression of being quite robust and dense the moment you pick it up. There is no squeaking plastic or fragile moving bits; rather, it has the consistency of a solid block.

The fact that I have taken the Minirig on three consecutive long-distance motorbike and camping journeys with me is a demonstration of how well it stands up despite abuse. The first one traveled all the way from Deli to Shimla in the Himalayas, the second one traveled the entire length of Vietnam, and the most recent one traveled up the spine of the Peruvian Andes and across Colombia.

It has been crammed inside kit bags, trodden on, dumped, and left out overnight on the Peruvian desert, where it has been covered in sand. Additionally, it has been subjected to a full soaking in the Amazon. It simply continues ticking, and there is no question in my mind that if I had brought along any other speaker over the past two years, at least one of them would have been unsuccessful.

It’s funny because most of the other folks who went on those excursions ended up buying Minirigs because they were so blown away by how loud it got and how much bass it had because of how impressed they were with it. Each brought their speakers, but it was the Minirig we all utilized for watching movies or listening to music around the campfire.

Therefore, the actual housing is constructed out of anodized aluminum that is quite thick. You will receive two little rubber ring bumpers with the Minirig trademark stamped on both the top and bottom. The side only contains ports for charging using the proprietary connector and for coupling in additional units (the Minirig can be daisy-chained to other speakers for louder surround sound).

The driver of the speaker is housed in the top of the enclosure, where it is shielded by some extremely resilient mesh that has been color-coded to match the speaker.


The Minirig 3 portable speaker is quite easy to use once you get the hang of it. There isn’t much in the way of additional functionality, and there aren’t any tricks like being able to charge your phone or put a micro-SD card in it. It is exactly what it claims to be, a speaker; it does not disguise itself as anything else.

There is a little protrusion in the form of a button that, when pressed, will cause the light to begin glowing. You turn the unit on and search for the Bluetooth device, and you are connected and ready to play music from the go.

There is no volume control on the gadget; nevertheless, there are two power settings that will quickly make the sound louder and more full. The device does not include a volume button. Simply pressing the power button once will allow you to transition between the different modes.

To switch the device off, simply hold down the power button.

Battery Capacity

With well over 50 hours of playback time between charges, the battery life is exceptional and easily the greatest I have ever tested on a device. Minirig says its battery life is 100 hours, but that’s with the gain and volume turned down to its lowest settings. If I really had to push it, I think I could easily go over 70 hours between charges with the Minirig App and the Minirig 3 Speaker.


As was said earlier, the device itself does not offer much in the way of additional capability through the use of additional hardware; however, there is an app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store that provides you with greater control and customization options over your setup.


  • Play and pause functionality can be activated with a single press of the power button.
  • Double-pressing the button allows you to skip tracks.
  • Turn on the setting that saves electricity (Minirigs 3 will turn off after 30 mins of inactivity)
  • Enable Standby mode
  • Tailor the sound to your liking.

You will also discover support for a five-band equalization system within the Minirigs app, which will enable you to make personalized adjustments to the sound produced by your speaker. When I consider that in the past I had worked with several units that struggled in this aspect, it amazed me how nicely the speaker responded to the EQing.


When used as a music system, Minirigs have a number of fascinating features, one of which is the ability to link many speakers together to provide stereo sound and do much more besides. It is possible to connect a large number of minirigs and position them in a variety of locations.


Unfortunately, I have not put the Minirigs speakers with the addition of the through their paces in terms of testing or reviewing; however, this is something I would be interested in doing in the future. Because the Minirigs speaker has a significant amount of bass when used by itself, I am unsure, without testing, whether adding a subunit will result in an excessive amount of bass or make the speaker sound even more remarkable.

The way it works is your link in the subunit to the speaker and should give a big increase to the low end. As I’ve already mentioned, I haven’t had the opportunity to experiment with one of these, but if you don’t mind carrying the additional weight, it could be an intriguing addition. Sound Quality

Even though it has been a few years after the Minirigs were released, many people still consider it to be the Bluetooth speaker with the greatest sound quality available on the market, even surpassing Bang & Olufsen’s A1. The Minirig 3 represents an entirely new level of performance.

The large single-unit driver that is housed on the interior of the Minirigs is primarily responsible for the excellent sound quality that these speakers provide. Minirigs, on the other hand, has chosen to focus on developing a single extremely high-end unit, in contrast to virtually all of these other businesses, which have chosen to develop multi-driver Bluetooth speakers.

The result is striking when compared to the other options available, and the Minirigs 3 sounds superior to all of those that I have tried and tested. If I’m being completely honest, it also sounds superior to more significant semi-portable speakers that are anywhere from five to ten times the size of the Minirigs.

The sound is thick and deep, with tons of clarity and only a little bit of distortion here and there. Even when the speaker is turned up to its maximum volume, it still produces an incredible sound; the only noticeable change is a slight clipping of the bass, rather than a complete loss of quality in the sound.

It has a transparent and open sound, with a certain air to it, and the bass can hit really forcefully when it has to. The all-out sub-bass does not reach the level of a full-size speaker, but it is head and shoulders beyond anything that B&O or Bose has to offer.

If you want a different tuning, you can decrease the highs or lows with the EQ as well as extend the middle to offer an overall flatter profile. The sound signature is V-shaped, with peaky highs and huge lows; but, if you want to change it, you can change the tuning.


Positioning your speaker in the optimal location will provide the highest possible sound quality and is an important consideration regardless of the type of speaker you ultimately decide to purchase.

Consider positioning it such that it is adjacent to a wall if you want the sound to be amplified. The bass will be played at a lower volume but with a considerably richer sound. Put it in the corner for added bonus points. In conclusion, make an effort to maintain your speaker on a stable surface. This will make it possible to reduce the amount of distortion and further improve the bass.


The MINIRIG 3 is now the most impressive Bluetooth portable speak available in 2019.

I was not compensated by Minirigs for writing this review. I suppose considering my passion for the Minirigs 3 throughout this review I need to put that out there. Because it is such an exceptionally high-quality speaker, if the price were right, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing anything else.

After reading our evaluation of the first Minirigs speaker, several of my friends and acquaintances have gone out and purchased one, and each one of them has expressed their astonishment at how well it performs. It absolutely destroys the competition, but a surprisingly large number of consumers are unaware that it even exists and instead continue to purchase inferior speakers like the B&O A1 (which I also own and hardly use). This wonderful little speaker has the greatest build, the best battery life, and the best sound for its size. It is truly remarkable. It shouldn’t even be a question.

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