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Thieaudio V16 Divinity: Expert Review

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The Thieaudio V16 Divinity is undoubtedly among the best earbuds I have ever used, and the cost just adds to its allure. An update to the V14, the company’s new flagship, is more like a brand-new model that drops the name of the earlier version than it is a straightforward improvement. Multi BA earbuds are in high demand, and even after years of development, they are continually being improved. The 16 drivers total on each side of the V16 are, as the name implies, a combination of Knowles and Sonion units that have been finely adjusted to produce some amazing sound. However, as you will learn from this review, there are other factors that contribute to the earphones’ end-game viability. It’s the culmination of several factors. Let’s begin discussing it below.

The Thieaudio V16 Divinity Review

The home brand of portable audiophile goods merchant Linsoul is called Thieaudio. Over the past few years, Linsoul has played a key role in popularizing numerous Asian IEM brands and advanced the hobby. They offer international shipping, and their handling of warranty claims and commitment to their products are usually praised.

The V16 can be found at a few different internet retailers, however they are all serving as middlemen. Therefore, if possible, we advise purchasing directly from Linsoul. To examine the current cost of these earbuds and learn more about their specifications and delivery policies, click the button below.


As with other well-known manufacturers like Campfire Audio, Thieaudio’s packaging is increasingly becoming more uniform across their whole product line. This contributes to some brand identification, and we are pleased that the presentation is straightforward but appealing. You receive, in essence, the same package as the amazing Thieaudio Monarch MKII.

Once the outer sleeve with images and graphics has been removed, the book-like case is present. The IEMs are concealed under a little cleaning cloth after you flip it open. When you take that out, the gorgeous shell plates of these expensive IEMs can be seen for the first time.

A carry case with the Thieaudio logo that is quite large is located underneath you. Although it is a rebranded generic case, it is of decent quality and matches the accessories on other earphones the firm sells.

The IEMs’ accessories, which consist of a few different types of ear tips, a cleaning tool, and jack adapters for the stunning cable that is included with the IEMs, are all contained inside the case.

The earbuds, in our opinion, are very tip-dependent. We stuck with the white silicone version because it had the best sound and the Comply foam type tips had less appetizing results in the treble region. Unfortunately, the IEM’s nozzle is rather large, making it very difficult to use our preferred ear tips, the Azla SednaEarfit XELASTEC. They continue, although it is difficult.


Many different interchangeable connection cable adaptations have been developed during the past year. With the release of the Dunu Hulk, Dunu made it well-known, and businesses like Kinera and Fiio have developed their own variations.

The idea is basic. With just one cable and replaceable connections, it may be utilized with a range of source devices, including balanced 2.5mm or 4.4mm jacks and the common 3.5mm stereo jack.

The system is quite simple to use. To install, line up the track, choose the connector you want to use, then pull the termination to remove it. It appears to be the simplest of all the variations of this technology I have used.

On to the construction of the cables. This corded cable is an exception to my regular dislike of them. Early in 2021, though, I discovered a NiceHCK cable that was pre-installed on another pair of earbuds. Its high quality, tangle-resistance, and seemingly ideal draping over the chest made me fall in love with it. I was adamant that Linsoul’s cable was the best I had ever used when I spoke with them. It appears that they have taken it and modified it for their interchangeable system.

It is of exceptional quality and was made using carbon and metal flashes. It has a remarkable capacity to withstand memory within the wires and hence doesn’t tangle.

For those of you who are interested, Linsoul has decided to sell this cable separately because they received such a fantastic response, and the best thing is that it is less than $100.


The cable that comes with the Thieaudio V16 Divinity IEM can be modified to work with other sources.

There has never been any question about the quality of fit and finish on Thieaduio goods. Their tolerances are high since they were one of the first eastern businesses to take quality control seriously. I have 7 Thieaudio devices in my office, and I’ve never had a problem with any of them.

Considering the gorgeous design on the faceplate, the V16 eerily feels like they managed to advance even beyond the new Monarch. It has a lovely, rich, molten copper appearance. It seems different every time a different angle of light hits it. more thorough Mesmerizing. In all honesty, I would say that it is currently my best-looking earphone if it weren’t for the Kinera Skuld, which I also own and adore.

Nowadays, Chinese IEMs generally use acrylic or resin for their shell materials. There are no jagged edges or flaws, and I appreciate how they used metal nozzles to add an additional layer of durability and protection.

The chassis contains a tiny hole that the dynamic driver can use to vent.

They employ a flush-mounted 2 pin connection, which may or may not be a “con,” depending on how you prefer your earbuds.

First of all, I would have preferred if the shell had a recess. The cable actually looks as though it was intended to be utilized in a recessed design. However, if it’s going to be sold as a separate item, that’s probably so you can match this new cable with a variety of IEMs. More effectively than a flush cable alone, the recessed cable fits flush and recess earphones.

Second, because the earphones are on the large side, only those with medium- or large-sized ears will be able to wear them. Check out our list of the best earbuds for small ears if you’re having trouble finding a fit.


As usual, I put these earphones to the test in a number of settings, including the gym, the office, and public transportation. I discovered that because of their size, which covers a significant section of the outer ear, and the dense internal arrangement of the drivers, they were able to filter out more background noise than was typical.


Each IEM is distinctive thanks to the V16’s individual faceplate design.
The faceplate style of the Thieaudio V16 Divinity.

Since the Thieudio V16 Divinity are monitor-style earbuds, the wire should be worn over the top of the ears when wearing them. Even though the platform’s insertion depth was just medium, this gave it stability.

The stock ear tips had adequate grip and were simple to seal tightly.

The earphones are enormous, as we mentioned above, but if they fit you (like they did in my medium-sized ears), you can count on them to be very pleasant thanks to their ergonomic design.


Of course, the sound quality is the most significant component. We anticipate more fidelity because the new V16’s recommended retail price is much higher than the Monarch MKII’s. It would probably be more accurate to state that you obtain similar levels of fidelity, but with a different strategy and tweaking. That the sound is comparable to a less expensive earphone like the MK2 is not meant as a criticism, but rather as evidence of the MK2’s high quality of construction.

The sound is really great and surpasses other high-end earbuds like the Sony IER-1ZR, the Campfire Audio Solaris 2020, and the UM Mest MKII, which is very good news indeed. It is an absolute pinnacle of the line earphone with mind-blowing levels of sharpness and detail.

Why do they sound so good, then? Well, it comes down to excelling in many different areas and having no true areas of weakness. Thieaudio has some of the best-tuned earphones at every price point, demonstrating their expertise in the field of audio.

It’s a pair of incredibly concentrated earbuds that allow you to analyze the music you’re listening to and feel as though nothing is being lost in the resolution. This is criticized because it prevents the earpiece from separating and opening. Instead, at a given time, you feel extremely invested in a certain section. This makes it a technological marvel and a lesson in retrieving details, but it may be too involved for casual listening.

Here, everything is thrown forward and is quite linear; no one frequency assumes dominance. Again, this is beneficial for analytical listening, but occasionally, I want one thing to shine out more than another. I like to bass-heavy songs like Two Feet’s Quick Musical Doodles because I want the bass to be the primary attraction. It didn’t sound quite as well to my ears as it should have because of the Divinity’s forward midrange approach.

Bass is accurate for a balanced armature. It is impressive how well it can reproduce sub-bass using the driver type, and with that, the excellent, rich richness and texture in the low end. When listening to intimate jazz records, the double bass is wonderful; I could detect fret slides and string plucks before subtle note decays and string reverberations. It is impressive, to put it mildly.

The midrange is quite detailed, but I believe that because of the level of information, which can occasionally be overpowering when my brain tries to focus on everything going on at once, there is a lack of separation. Both male and female vocals showed excellent qualities in extension and weight.

Perhaps the poorest component was the treble, although even that assessment requires some context. They provide you with every single thing, in detail and in extension. The high end would have had more room to breathe and set the soundstage, though, if the midrange had been placed a tiny bit farther back.

The V16’s straightforward accuracy and realism are its strongest suit. I think of the Monarch MK as the perfect earphone for lounging back with a whiskey glass in hand. consuming the beverage while also taking in the music. On the other hand, the V16 Divinity is a more narrowly focused workhorse, a tool designed for analyzing tracks, with the emphasis mostly on how much precision and information you can extract from your source material. A wide range of earphones with various objectives.


A work of art, the Thieaudio V16 Divinity is an earphone. An engineering feat that only the most advanced businesses may have tried a few years ago is the tuning of 16 drivers with 5 crossovers inside an IEM. However, it is still far from being the ideal earphone. The Sony Monarch MKII, Mest, and IER will receive my money if I were to purchase one for listening purposes. That’s entirely due to the way I listen to music; I’m ready to forgo some technically perfect elements in exchange for a compelling and personal experience. The V16 is a little too brutal for me, but it has its place for individuals who prefer a more structured and analytical listening style.

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